Friday, March 19, 2010

Re-usable Homeade Paper Towels

Are you tired of grabbing for a paper towel, using it, then throwing it away? Are you still using paper towels because you don't know what else to use? Me too!

I asked for a roll of re-usable paper towels from Etsy for Christmas, and my husband thought I was crazy. He was like, "we are not getting rid of paper towels in this house!" Needless to say I did not get them for Christmas. Now that I think about it, what a horrible gift to ask for! Cleaning supplies?!?! Really? That's like asking for some toilet bowl cleaner for Valentine's Day! What is wrong with me? All well, if you can't laugh at yourself, then you don't know what your missing. :-)

Either way, I decided that I would start searching for the perfect cloth that mimics paper towels. I tried old boxer shorts, ribbed tank tops, T-shirts, dish cloths, cloth wipes, socks, basically anything cotton. They were do-able, especially for things like cleaning the bathtub. But mirrors and other surfaces that I wanted to look really nice, well, paper towels were what I kept coming back to.

Then I tried my prefold cloth diapers. These are the kind of diapers that you can find really cheap at any store that come in packs. Mine are Birdseye cloth. Bingo! Found my re-usable paper towel. These things are WONDERFUL for cleaning up anything. I used one for cleaning my mirror and my sink faucet in the bathroom, and I've never seen the faucet shinier. They are way more absorbent than paper towels, so no more having to use more than one. I actually prefer them in a stack in the kitchen more than in a stack at the diaper changing station.

I HIGHLY recommend buying a pack of Birdseye cloth diapers for this. You should probably prep them, however, by washing them on very hot a few times to make sure they reach maximum absorbency, and to make sure they are lent free. And think of all the money you can save!!

I may try to slowly wean my hubby from using paper towels. I'm thinking a good place to start is when he is cleaning the inside of the car. Who knows? Maybe I will get REALLY crazy for cloth and put snaps on them to snap together in a roll on a paper towel roll. Or maybe not...sounds like a lot of work. :-)


Maria said...

I really want un paper towels and one of these![]=tags&includes[]=title

Maria said...

OK well that didn't work but search for a towel house for unpaper towels!

Sarah said...

I want some unpaper towels too, but do they get stinky after awhile? Any idea what to use for the mildew-ish type stink that kitchen towels seem to get? (I'd love to get away from using so many paper towels!)

Becky said...

I use old tube socks, but they are a little linty. I might have to dig out the old diapers I use in my doll repair to do other jobs!

Christie said...

Maria, I've seen what you are talking about! It's a great idea!
Sarah, I actually haven't had stinky issues yet. However, I think if I did, I would treat it just like I would a stinky diaper. I would try stripping it, or sunning it for stains. I may even use a tad bit of bleach or Oxyclean, since I won't be using them on my daughter anymore, and they are white, so the color wouldn't matter like kitchen towels.
Mom, you and your tube socks crack me up! But I do use socks when dusting and Swiffering!