Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Quest to Get Rid of the Ants!!

If you stand in one spot for too long inside or outside my house, you will be taken away by the tiny 6 legged creatures that will eat anything. I'm sitting here at the kitchen table just watching the little creeps crawling into my house from under the baseboards near the back door. They are coming in at every entrance, despite the Terro traps we put out about a month ago. The traps actually are working, or at least they look like it because there are ants all over the traps and dead ones near them. But we just have soooo stinkin' many of 'em and not enough traps. They have officially eaten all but 2 of my potted containers on the deck. My beans are dead, my flowers, my strawberries, and soon, my peppers. My herb pot is really the only place I don't see them. Maybe they don't like basil?

So, I researched online last night, and I found out that Terro traps are nothing more than Borax and sugar water. Well, that should be easy to make, right? So today I'm in the process of trying it. I mixed Borax with sugar and water, and I am going to pour them into baby food jars with holes punched in the lid. I have 11 baby food jars to fill, so I'm hoping that will at least put a dent into the population. I still have to find a hammer and nail and punch holes into the lid, which is why this post is short so I can do it before Short Stack wakes up from her nap. Speaking of Short Stack, it's really cute watching her try to step on all the ants she sees. It's like a Native American dance!


Baby Boberg & Parents said...

Hope all goes well with your little army! Take them down!

Sweet Mummy said...

we're dealing with the same issues here. Ants want to come in and they are all over the place outside. We can't use peanut oil which is often used in ant traps since my daughter is allergic. But my kiddos are bigger now, and they aren't into everything so much, so I caved in and bought the Raid ant killer stuff. Sprayed all around the doors and windows and haven't seen an ant for days and days now! WOOT! They are everywhere outside still, but they can stay there, it doesn't bother me a bit! HAHA! (I also don't have plants I'm trying to save though...)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great to meet you through MBC!