Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Passion and My Intentions For This Blog

We all have reasons for what we do. Being in the counseling field, I have found that most of our actions stem from our passions. Furthermore, most of our passions are a result of our relationships with others. If you look at the things you are passionate about, what are they? Think for right now about material possessions, things of monetary value, and hobbies and interests. Let’s use an example. I know many people are passionate about cooking, I included. What is the reason a lot of us are passionate about cooking? It could be the taste; it could be to save money. I know for me, it is the satisfaction of knowing that I made something of value and of worth. More importantly, I made something for my family. Cooking is one of the ways I show I love my husband and others close to me.

What is my point? My point is, that chances are if you look deep down at the reasons for your passions, they will eventually point to a relationship in your life, past or present or future. Are you passionate about art? Why? Art is an expression of emotions, ideas, influences. Art is shaped by your personality, and your personality is shaped by relationships.

Another passion of mine is cloth diapers. Two reasons I am passionate about cloth are it saves me money, and I am not throwing something away after using it. Saving money helps me to care for my family. As for the throwing something away, yes, I feel I have a relationship with the environment. That may sound like a fad or a little too “crunchy,” but God gave us a responsibility to take care of the His creation. I cannot take care of something I don’t love, so yes, I love this beautiful earth we live in. I have another reason for this passion. I am good at it. I am not good at much, so when I find something that I can do well and help others do, I run with it. Yes, I may be selfish, but I try to be honest.

I realize now that my passion has offended others. Please know that I in no way think I am better than any other parent that uses disposables. I am only writing what I am passionate about. Therefore, I want to remind all of my readers that this is what I believe. I am in no way judging you or your own beliefs. I thank God that we have parents who do feel offended because that means they are passionate about being a parent. We need more of these kinds of people around, don’t you think?

My post, “Why Use Cloth Diapers?” may be skewed. It may be biased, and it may be internet propaganda. Personally, I believe that most research is flawed in some way because of variables that cannot be controlled, but this, again, is my opinion only. If you believe in something, you will usually find evidence to support your beliefs. However, I will change this article to include research on the other side of the coin. I am in no way a scientist. I am not good with numbers, statistics or anything that requires a scientific theory. In fact, there isn’t much, if anything, out there that someone can’t do better than me. So, from now on, I will stick with explaining to you what I do and what I know, and I will leave the research to those that are passionate about research. My intentions for this blog are to be a tool for those who are interested in learning more about types of diapers.

We all have reasons for what we do. What are yours?


Veronica Lee said...

Hi and welcome to MBC. Great blog.

Christie said...

Thank you. It is still very much under construction, so any tips you have are welcome!