Monday, January 4, 2010

Yes, But Is It REALLY Worth It?

So, if you've read my previous article, you know there are some good reasons to use cloth. If you aren't convinced, you may be asking, "Is all of this really worth it?" From conversations I have had with many parents, new and old, along with comments I have heard from nay-sayers, I will attempt to address a few issues.

1. It is a system that can be overwhelming.
My short answer is yes, it is a system and it can be overwhelming!!! There is sooo much information out there that it can be too much to grasp. This is the whole reason for my blog. I hope to better inform you and keep things simple. Please ask me any question at any time, and I will try to answer you within 24 hours. Bottom line, cloth diapering is difficult to get started when the alternative disposables are so much more advertised. I have created a simple, my opinion only, graph of the effort it takes to start up a cloth system vs. a disposable system. I think it takes more effort and cash up front, and less effort as time goes on because of the lack of purchases you have to make!
Professional chart, right? :-) As my mom says, humor me, dear.

2. Only stay at home moms have the time to do this.
I am a working mother. Personally, I like using cloth diapers better while working because it contributes to the amount of time I get to stay at home vs. out and about running errands because I ran out of diapers or wipes, or what have you...I have gotten into a routine, which in my opinion is a must for anybody that has to work and have kids! I wash my diapers every other day. Right after I put my daughter to bed, I put the diapers on a cold rinse cycle. Right before I go to bed, I wash the diapers. Then, when I wake up in the morning, I throw the diapers in the dryer. This also helps the drying time because the diapers have been sitting overnight drying a little. Ok, I will admit, I am not a morning person, so half of the time I remember to throw the diapers in the dryer when I get home from work.

3. My daycare won't do that!
I had a lot of difficulties finding a daycare facility due to my price range, what I needed, and my daughter's extreme separation anxiety at the time (glad that stage is over!). I did NOT have a problem with cloth! Every daycare facility/babysitter I tried out agreed to use cloth. I brought a sample in, and they were all amazed at how easy it was. The facility my daughter is currently at has a policy where they wrap the diaper in their gloves (standard for all dipes), then into the wetbag it goes. They store the wetbag in a plastic storage container. They told me that they are seeing a nationwide trend with cloth diapers becoming more popular. Yay!!

4. The Poopy Problem-Gross!
Poop. We all do it. No matter if you are using disposable, cloth, or nothing at all (elimination communication, baby!), you will get baby poop on you at some point, and more than once. The only problem I see with using cloth is that you have to smell it an extra minute or so to drop the poop into the toilet. There is nothing else that is different. You still wipe the booty, throw the diaper in the pail, etc...And my diaper pail is no more stinky than others using disposables.

5. I'm already doing disposables, so it is too late.
Is it too late to start recycling those plastic bottles? Neither is it to go cloth! I say start the transition slowly. Don't start buying all at once and end up with something you don't like. Along with this, don't buy all of the same diaper, either. You may not like the fit or leak coverage. Try during the times you are at home. There are also cloth training pants out there for those nearing the potty training stage. I will say, you have to be committed, but it feels so good to know you are doing something to save your pocketbook and the environment.

Again, I would love to hear your comments and questions!

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