Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pocket Diapers

Pocket Diapers are yet another type of diaper that does not need a diaper cover. Pocket diapers make up most of my stash, although there are pros and cons to these as well. Pocket diapers look like an All in One in that they are contoured like them and have a waterproof outer layer.

The inner layer is not sewn into the diaper, however. Instead, it is an insert that you stuff into a pocket in the diaper.

Pocket diapers come in all sizes as well, including one-size-fits-all. These pictures here are of a Green Acre Designs brand of pocket diaper. They have TONS of sizes to choose from. It can get confusing! Most of my daughter's diapers are one-size (also known as OS), and they can adjust with your baby as he/she grows. Some adjust more than others, dependent on the brand. BumGenius does an excellent job of this. Pocket dipes, like AIOs, also have either a snap closure or hook and loop.

The great thing about pocket diapers are that they allow you to choose your absorbency level, and they can sometimes be more leak proof than some of the AIOs. They dry much quicker than AIOs because you pull the insert out of the pocket when you throw it in the pail. Some pocket diapers, like the brand, Pocket Change, have openings on the front and back so that the insert comes out on its own during agitation in the wash. Nice. Pockets are also easy to use. My husband and the daycare use them with no complaints. However, the daycare does not remove the inserts. I do that when I get home.

The problem some find with pocket diapers are that you do have to pull out the insert. Yes, you have to touch it when it's dirty!! Most of the time, I don't touch wetness or poop because I don't let it get so soaked that it gets wet in the back (where you pull it out from), and with poop, there will almost always be a clean spot you can touch (although not all the time!). Also, you do have to stuff the clean diapers, which is an extra step. My daughter loves to help me with this. However, there are so many different inserts that go with specific diapers, I don't trust anyone else to stuff them. So that's probably a down side if you have multiple brands, although I don't mind stuffing.

Pros and cons of pocket diapers:
Pros: No diaper cover needed, great absorbency, versatile, easy to use, less drying time than AIO.
Cons: Extra step of stuffing diapers,and pulling insert out of the diaper before washing.

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