Sunday, January 17, 2010

All In One Diapers

Yet another kind of diaper is the All In One diaper, otherwise known as the AIO. Here is a Dry Bees brand.

AIOs are similar to fitteds with two major differences. AIOs have layers sewn into the diaper. Here is what it looks like turned inside out.

The biggest difference is that AIOs do not need a diaper cover, as they have a waterproof outer layer sewn onto the diaper.

So basically, some genius figured out how to combine a prefold and a diaper cover. Sweet!

AIOs are probably the easiest cloth diaper to use. You use them the same way you use disposables. Slap it on the baby, take it off the baby, throw it in the pail. The difference: wash and dry instead of throw away! Dads and daycares are big fans of AIOs. AIOs are similar to fitteds in that they come in different sizes: small, medium, large, etc...However, some brands also make AIOs in one-size fits all. AIOs also have either snaps or hook and loop as fasteners. By the way, I had no idea what hook and loop meant when I first started this. it's Velcro, only Velcro is a brand of hook and loop. Kind of like when we ask for a Kleenex, but what we really want is a tissue! Is that a Midwest thing? Not sure.

So, why doesn't everyone use AIOs as cloth diapers since they are so much like disposables? There are a few drawbacks. First, AIOs are sometimes not as absorbent as fitteds. Although some parents may disagree with me. I think my child is a heavy wetter. I have never used an AIO for overnight, but I'm sure some parents do. Second, some experts say that the waterproof layer can wear out quickly after multiple washes. I have never had this happen to an AIO, although I did just experience this with a diaper cover. It happened overnight too. Fun times...

The biggest complaint about AIOs is that they take forever to dry. And when I say forever, I mean a crazy long time. On humid days, I have had an AIO take 2-3 days to dry! That's air dry. It takes me 2 drying cycles to dry it in the dryer. Turning them inside out helps. They are also more expensive than fitteds and prefolds.

So that's the down low on All In Ones...
Pros: Super easy to use: Daddy friendly, daycare friendly.
Cons: Slightly more expensive than fitteds, and a very long drying time.


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