Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ramblings on a Snow Day.

Well, I'm soon off to the work-out-of-home world again. Sigh. The snow has enabled my daughter and me to spend a few more days together, and I treasure them all! I just hope that we don't have too many school days to make up in the summer time. But since I can't do anything about the snow now or how many days I will have to work this summer, I am going to take major advantage of this weather and spend as much time as possible playing with my daughter.

She is at that stage where she is walking everywhere but not running just yet. We call her Frankenstein because she walks around with her arms out for balance. Her favorite thing to do is get into the spice cabinet and walk all over the house holding chili powder and basil. Sometimes she gets to giggling so hard that she just falls over!

Snow has made us lazy, though. She loves her footy PJs, so that's what she stays in on days we don't go anywhere! And she hates her hair pulled out of her eyes, so I don't even bother pulling it back unless she's eating something messy.

Here is a picture of her this past week in her PJs with no hair tie, and in a way-too-big hat that Grandma Marsha made her. It was a great lazy snow day!

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