Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday's Inspiration

Inspiration comes to me today from the Big Man Himself. Every time I go to God in prayer or in scripture, He is telling me the same thing. "Give." I feel such a strong desire to give that it is hard to breathe!

I am troubled. Everywhere I go, I see people around me that are not giving, or they feel they have nothing left to give. I even see this in myself. All I want to see is how I can give and what needs are around me. Yet, I don't know where God wants me to give or how. I am amateur at just about everything I do; what do I have that can bring greatness to God's Kingdom?

So, I went to the library the other day, and I started checking out crochet books because I am looking for a border design for an afghan I am making. I saw two books of interest that had nothing to do with designs. Instead, they both were about knitting for peace. I cracked open the books and found tons of charities that collect items that have been knitted or crocheted. I then remembered my mom telling me about a project she is in the middle of that involves making hats out of her leftover yarn for an organization near her.

It has hit me. I may not be great at anything, but I can give everything. I am certainly not an expert at needle work, and by this I mean, I am a NOVICE in all ways. That doesn't mean I can't give what I make. Afghans still keep others warm, and hats that may be way too large for the head I was meaning to fit may fit another's. I just began making soap, and all the leftover practice soaps I make can cleanse another person for free.

I am encouraged, yet still troubled that all of this takes time to make. I want to give now! I am afraid that if I wait, I will grow lazy or give up on a project for another one (my track record hasn't been so great with this). So, back to scripture and prayer I go to continue my quest to praise my Creator...

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