Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nighttime Stinkies

I thought I would share a trick I just discovered with nighttime cloth diapering. Now, forgive me if everyone who uses cloth already knows this, but I was very proud of myself when it worked for me. :-)

When Alaina was still breastfeeding, I had no problems with nighttime diapers and stink problems. She has always been great at sleeping through the night, and her diapers never really had a stink problem. Then came weening...

When she weened completely, the ammonia smell became very strong. When I dump the dirties into the wash, I have to hold my breath, or my nose burns. Nice, huh? Nighttime is the worst. When morning comes, and I open the door to her room, the smell hits me like a ton of bricks. I have tried all different types of diapers, and nothing helped.

I don't have leak problems at all during the night. But I tried adding an insert to her diaper, and it really changed the strength of the smell! I added a simple microfiber insert to the diaper, and the smell no longer is unbearable. I think it helps her sleep longer too.

Yay for sleep!

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