Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fitted Diapers

What are fitted diapers, and how do they differ from prefolds? Fitted diapers are diapers that are contoured and have elastic around the legs and/or waist to better fit your baby. Fitted diapers are similar to prefolds in that they need a diaper cover. They can be many different fabrics, but they don't need safety pins or Snappies. Or Snuggies, for that matter. Speaking of, do you want a homemade Snuggie? It's easy! Step 1: take out robe. Step 2: put it on backwards. My friend told me that, and I had to share because it makes me giggle.

Fitted diapers are more convenient for those 'rents who are looking for a diaper that has its own fastener, but still is very simple to use and effective. Fitted diapers usually come in different sizes. Small, medium, large, x-small, etc..., and every brand has different size specifications. Kind of like American woman's clothing. Because we are too cool to have our sizes equal our measurements like guys' clothing. Some fitted diapers even have cute belly button cutouts for their newborn sizes. Here are a couple of pictures of my beautiful model showing off her fitted dipe. This particular brand is Baby Beehind. Wonderful absorbency, but I have to say, the hemp can get a bit stinky. This one is actually supposedly a one-size fits all diaper. I cannot imagine it fitting on a newborn, but it does have a row of snaps that you can fold down in the front to make it smaller.

Here is a picture of another brand: Kissaluvs. They make great newborn dipes, and they are so soft and fluffy. Alaina can't fit into this one anymore, so I'll just show it to you to get an idea of what the shape looks like.

As for leak protection, I have never had a leak in a fitted diaper that was not due to operator error. Funny story, one night I had to work late, and my husband put Alaina to bed. We usually use fitted diapers for nighttime because the ones we have are too bulky for my taste for daytime use. Anyway, Daddy was so proud that he used a fitted diaper on Alaina that night all by himself (he's a pocket diaper or AIO man only. Articles to come...). Good Daddy. Oops. He forgot the diaper cover. Bad Daddy. Needless to say, by about 3 hours after she was in bed, the mattress pad was already wet. You need to also be careful to check to see you have covered the entire diaper with the diaper cover as well. One peak of the fitted or prefold will leak onto clothes. However, when used properly, fitteds are super absorbent.

Pros of Fitteds: They are much easier to use than prefolds. They don't require fasteners. They are fairly inexpensive. They are very absorbent.

Cons of Fitteds: They can be a bit bulky. Jeans are nearly impossible to wear (on the baby, not you). They are more expensive than prefolds, running about $4-$11 each. You still need that extra step of putting on a diaper cover (which may bother some men).

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