Friday, February 12, 2010

10 Reasons Why Cloth is Freakin' Awesome!

You may or may not have known these reasons!!

  1. Fluffy Butt! It's just sooo darn cute to see this tiny human with such a big butt, and fluffy at that! Who can deny the fluffy butt?

  2. Fashion statement. Any color or design you want, you can have! We like the elephants from Rainshine Designs. (That dipe is in the wash right now, so I will have to show pics later.)

  3. Fun, Fun, Fun! And addicting once you start. Who knew that something that was made to contain excrement could be such a party? Gives new meaning to party in the pants. Wait, was that inappropriate?

  4. Frugal. Still saving the moola...

  5. Fork resistant. Yes, she fell on a fork. Didn't feel a thing. There's more paddin' for the landin'!

  6. Feelin' oh so soft. I have placed a diaper against my cheek like in the Snuggle commercials. Is that so wrong? Once again, who can deny the fluff?

  7. Friend convo starter. My "stash" has a completely new meaning now-a-days, but it still makes for a good time with friends. Wait, was that inappropriate?

  8. Friendly for sniffer. I can hear the gas, but I can't smell it! Side note, Alaina giggles everytime I ask her if she toots.

  9. Fill' er up! These things can hold an amount that should never come out of a baby, and yet it does. An old Saturday Night Live skit comes to mind right now that included a jug of iced tea and folks playing tennis. That's all I'm sayin'.

  10. Photo friendly. Ok, it's a ph, but what can you do? Take pictures of the fluff! I CANNOT RESIST THE FLUFF!!

Happy Friday. :-)

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