Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Inspirations

Welcome to the first edition of Sunday Inspirations! My goal is to inspire you, give you hope, make you think, and bring encouragement.

My inspiration today comes from so many people who, despite facing adversity, are taking huge risks to better their situations and others around them. The following people are true accounts of how God is truly working in their lives:

  • Frances: A recently divorced mother who has struggled to keep her home, pay off debtors and lawyer fees has decided to put all hope in God and go back to school. She got a full scholarship, quit her job, and should have her degree as a Physician's Assistant within the year.
  • Francis Chan: The author of Crazy Love, and Forgotten God, after coming back from a trip to Africa, sold his house to live in one half the size of the first one just to be able to have more money to give away, not to keep.
  • Abby and Nate: A married couple who tried for years to have a child finally decided to adopt. Years after that, they finally were able to adopt Noah internationally. Before picking Noah up, Abby became pregnant and lost the baby and almost lost her life. A couple of weeks after finally meeting Noah and taking him home, Abby found out that she was 14 weeks pregnant. Surprise! Abby gave birth to Eli in December. When Noah's social worker came to meet Eli, she told the couple that Noah has a brother, born 3 days away from Eli and asked them to adopt his brother as well. Talk about a roller coaster!

Praise God today!!! He is GOOD!

Go Colts!

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