Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do I Ever Not Use Cloth?

I get this question quite a bit. Are there times when I use disposable diapers? And if I do, do I still save money?

Yes, I use disposables sometimes. There are usually 3 reasons I do:
  1. Vacation. If we are going out of town for longer than 2 days, I will buy a pack of "sposies."
  2. Diarrhea. If she has one bad one, I usually wait to see if there's a second, then I switch to disposables. It's not the mess that makes it so bad, because she doesn't usually leak out of the cloth, it is the smell and the "gross" factor. It makes me gag just thinking about it.
  3. Really bad diaper rash and nighttime. My daughter can have bad reactions to foods (strawberries made her bleed. We have avoided them since, as it was very traumatic to mommy!), and I like to use medicated diaper rash cream on these rare occasions. I will slather her with it and put on a disposable for that night because I do think disposables wick moisture away a little better.
  4. Ok, I just thought of a fourth. Sometimes my daughter will get the cutest pair of jeans as a gift, and if I want have her wear them, I have to use a disposable in order for her to fit into them. It bugs me that I can't find jeans at a local store for her to wear with cloth, but I understand that there isn't a market for it, and using cloth is more important to me anyway.

So, no, I am not completely granola. But even with these reasons, I do still save a lot of money. None of these reasons happen on a regular basis, and I only buy a bag of sposies if we are going on vacation. We just use the leftovers for the other reasons. Right now, I don't have any on hand. Let's hope she doesn't get the runs! :-)

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